Khir Toyo – The Balkis Story

Posted in Khir Toyo on April 29, 2008 by kleptocrats

Alright, it is actually Dr. Khir Toyo’s wife, Datin Seri Zaharah Kechik that is directly involved. Balkis is also known as Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation.

It was reported that after the 12th GE which saw the fall of Selangor to Pakatan Rakyat, Khir Toyo’s wife tranferred out approximately RM9.9 Millions from Balkis to Bakti (Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers) to ensure the money is still in the hand of we all know who. They claimed it is to ensure the money would be spent according to Balkis’s purpose, namely for the welfare of children.


A welfare association that didn’t have their accounts audited and reportedly spent millions in yearly makan angin tour had children’s welfare in their mind? Bearing in mind this association received grants and donations from Government. Where is the accountability?


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Azalina Othman – RM1.4 Millions Entertainment Bill

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WSFFM under the helm of Dato Seri Azalina Othman Said (Tourism Minister), has spent up to RM1.4 Millions on entertainment alone. A foundation devoted to empower women through sports and fitness saw the needs to spent RM1.4 Millions in tax payer’s money. Very extravagant indeed.

Of course, the lady subsequently distanced herself from the association saying she is merely ribbon cutter and do not involve directly with day to day running of the financial affairs.


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